If you’re in the position to compile law blogs, or blawgs, you might learn how lawyers, outside the courtroom and in the cybersphere, have become entertainers in their own right to garner attention and clients. In the process, they have opened doors to special interests in legal studies that few may have known about, such as the Feminist Law Professors, a blawg that came on board in January 2009. The following list of top 50 excellent blawgs you may not be reading yet begins in January 2009 and ends in September 2010.


  1. Pay to Play Law Blog: The goal of this blog is to inform and foster debate surrounding this emerging field of regulation (January).
  2. 22 Tweets: Real-time Twitter interviews with practicing lawyers who tweet (March).
  3. DuetsBlog: This blog was born out of the chasm that can divide legal and marketing types (March).
  4. The Nutmeg Lawyer: Known for its snarky humor, NL guest posts have included New York Times Best Selling Authors, CEOs of Legal Software firms and leading legal bloggers from across the nation (March).
  5. FCPA Professor: A Forum devoted to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (June).
  6. Express Advocacy: This website is dedicated to a discussion of campaign finance, election, and political law topics of interest (August).
  7. Snitching Blog: A comprehensive resource on criminal informants: legal developments, legislation, news stories, cultural reactions, commentary and more (August).
  8. BlawgConomics: The intersection of law and economics (September).
  9. Josh Blackman’s Blog: Blackman is a prolific author, young scholar and President and Co-Founder of the Harlan Institute (September).
  10. “Avoid a Claim” Blog: This blog’s resources, precedents and checklists can help attorneys take proactive steps to avoid a legal malpractice claim (October).
  11. Fashion Law Blog: Fox Rothschild LLP’s blog about the fashion business (October).
  12. Zone: This is Herrick’s land use and environmental blog, focused on New York (October).
  13. Crime in the Suites: An analysis of current issues in white collar defense (November).
  14. Reid My Blog! Reid Trautz advises and counsels lawyers who seek to provide superior legal and customer service to their clients, while maintaining a balanced quality of life (November).
  15. Trickum Legis: A third year law school student at the University of San Francisco enjoys learning about the law and all of its “quirks and quibbles” (November).
  16. First One @ One First: Mike Sacks is a third-year law student at Georgetown interested in legal journalism and the intersection of law and politics (December).
  17. RegBlog: RegBlog tracks key developments related to regulation and regulatory processes (December).


  1. Abnormal Use: An Unreasonably Dangerous Products Liability Blog: This blog is dedicated to the discussion of federal and state products liability litigation (January).
  2. BostonBoston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog: The law office of Alan H. Creded covers practice areas from car accidents to wrongful death (January).
  3. Case Clothesed: Created, edited, and run by law students, caseclothesed.com is meant to keep the public informed and knowledgeable about all things fashionably law and legally fashionable.(January).
  4. Fame Appeal: Combine law with entertainment, fashion and business and you have Fame Appeal (January).
  5. Prison Law Blog: This blog links to news items and legal decisions regarding conditions in those prisons and jails, and occasionally provides original commentary (January).
  6. Tablet Legal: Josh Barrett pushes his Apple iPad to the limit, exploring and reviewing new ap­plications and finding ways to integrate the device into his law practice (January).
  7. The Undeniable Ruth: Ruth is a law student, a geek, a singer, and a writer. “I’ve tried to be normal, but it’s never work out for me.” (January)
  8. Internet and E-Commerce Law Blog: David D. Johnson is business litigator with extensive experience in complex litigation, including class actions, mass torts, and international, state, and federal cases (January).
  9. Law Law Land: Law Law Land is a lawyer’s look at the weird, wacky, wonderful world of the entertainment industry (February).
  10. CT Lien Solutions Blog: Connected to every jurisdiction in the nation, CT Lien Solutions provides quick, accurate and comprehensive due diligence and risk management services (March).
  11. e-Discovery Insights: An IT executive turned California e-Discovery attorney and consultant shares his insights (March).
  12. FDAFDA Law Blog: Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. is the largest dedicated food and drug law firm in the country (March).
  13. Jeremy Blachman’s Weblog: 2010: Jeremy has been around the Web for years, but this is a new blog that focuses on his life after law school and publication (March).
  14. Ride the Lightning: This blog in­vestigates the latest issues in computer forensics and e-discovery (March).
  15. AOTUS National Archive: David S. Ferriero was confirmed as 10th Archivist of the United States on November 6, 2009 (April).
  16. Government Contracts Legal Forum: The attorneys of Crowell & Moring LLP publish this blog (April).
  17. Just Books: This blog is dedicated to justice, books and ideas, and posts new issues — and entirely fresh content — on a quasi-regular, bi-weekly basis (April).
  18. LobbyBlog: A free service of Lobbyists.info, the Lobby Blog seeks to provide timely, informative snippets of useful content and conversation on the federal lobbying community (April).
  19. She Negotiates: Victoria Pynchon, Esq. and Lisa Gates, CPCC, approach conflicts with resolution in their new perspective on negotiations (April).
  20. The Belly of the Beast: Steven J. Harper’s insider perspective and candid commentary on BigLaw’s increasing emphasis on the bottom line (April).
  21. Legal Divas Blog: Four women partners with Bowman and Brooke write this blog focused on diversity law (May).
  22. TrademarksTrademarks + Brands: From expert research tips to the inside scoop on productivity solutions, join the conversation about trademarks and brands (May).
  23. California Corporate & Securities Law: Keith Paul Bishop is a partner in Allen Matkins’ Corporate and Securities practice group, and works out of the Orange County office (June).
  24. Law Firm Transitions: The purpose behind this blog is to promote a broader discussion about generating real change in the way law firms and lawyers provide value to clients (June).
  25. Legal Geekery: A smattering of law students and law student grads focus on law school, legal analysis, geekery and video games, among other topics (June).
  26. The Justice Brennan Blog: A companion to Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel’s new biography of the late justice (June).
  27. Military Underdog: This is attorney Eric L. Layer’s military advocate blog (July).
  28. The Prime Time Crime Review: Allison Leotta, a federal sex-crimes prosecutor and novelist, writes this blog (July).
  29. The ZRG Blog: Reporting on changes to Zimmerman’s Research Guide by author Andrew Zimmerman (July).
  30. Investment Fund Law Blog: Updates and insights on legal issues facing fund managers and investors (August).
  31. Notations on Non-Profits: A law graduate provides legal resources for non-profit organizations (August).
  32. In Custodia Legis: This is the law librarians of Congress blog (September).
  33. Record on Appeal: Attorney with Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert in Honolulu, Hawaii concentrating in the areas of litigation and appeals (September).

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