Those studying for or who already have a degree in the legal area can find that “lawyer” isn’t the only job available in the legal arena. In fact, with loads of graduates from law schools each year entering the work force, the amount and different types of jobs have changed in step to keep up. Everything from traditional work in legal studies to virtual jobs are out there for the hiring.

To help you get a better grasp of it all, we have included the ten most common and uncommon career paths for new law graduates. There are a few traditional and non-traditional careers and even a few that can help you pay for school.

  1. Summer Programs
    Recent law grads can often turn to summer programs at law firms who are looking to hire students right at the point of graduation. The National Association for Law Placement reports that the offer rate from summer programs for entry-level associate positions was 87.4 percent. The acceptance rate for these offers even fell slightly, with recent law grads having more options.
  2. Paralegal
    According to Sally Kane of and Career Cast, paralegals were recently named the most underrated job. It landed the top spot due to the fact that it has better than average employment rates and incomes. While they make an estimated $47,000 to $50,000 in annual income, the unemployment rate is just 3.1 percent. Sally also has tons more on her blog for those interested in a legal career.
  3. Temporary Law
    Being an attorney isn’t necessarily a full time or even part time career. As Recovering Lawyer shares in their blog, they used to practice law but now do so on a temporary basis. See why and how with a read of the blog and why being an administrative assistant isn’t so bad by comparison.
  4. Go Solo
    Who says you even need an employer in today’s market? Many law grads are going into practice for themselves just like Damon Chetson. With only a cellphone and laptop, he started his own criminal law practice. He even reported earning more than the $150,000 to $160,000 that a mid-level associate at a big law firm typically earns during his first year.
  5. Public Service Sector
    With loan forgiveness all the rage nowadays, law students are no different. Often graduating from school with heavy debts, many have turned to loan forgiveness programs which involve public service. Approximately 15 to 25 percent of the graduating class at the University of Chicago is expected to enroll.
  6. Legal/Case Analyst
    This career path often involves researching everything about a particular legal case. The job can include everyone from recent graduates to experienced attorneys who are needed to review a case. One such attorney is William J. Sheaffer, and he tells all about the career in his blog.
  7. Non Legal Jobs
    Today’s job market can be tough even for those with a law degree. Rose, Esq. is such a grad and had troubles after graduating from law school. See which job she got and how with a read of her blog.
  8. Life Coach
    Although not commonly a career path with a law education, Jennifer Alvey was a lawyer with a job at a big firm. After years of unhappiness, she decided on a different career path and now authors the Leaving the Law blog. See her tips for loads of careers inside and outside the law.
  9. Virtual Legal Job
    Yasmin is a graduate of Union County College and holds a certificate in interpreting spoken languages. She works as a virtual legal secretary and translator. Learn more about the career with a visit to her blog.
  10. S*it Law Jobs
    Are you a recent law graduate who is still having a tough time finding a job? Then check out this blog by and for people just like you. They often take a look way outside the legal box into everything from jobs to how the economy came to be so. With over 500 entries for this year alone, they really mean what they say.

And many of the above 10 most common and uncommon career paths for new law graduates can pay better than the average salary for law graduates, so be sure to look more into whichever you are interested in to learn all about it.

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